Get Involved

A labor union is a democratic institution which requires the involvement of its members to be successful.  Member participation is our most critical opportunity to make improvements to our workplace safety, job security, and financial wellbeing.  Every single member is a valuable asset to our union and we need your participation to realize our full potential. 

Opportunities to help exist within union committee's, at volunteer events in the community, and at your work centers, rallying members to get involved!

Have a suggestion for one of our PMEI groups? Fill out our suggestion webform to have your idea heard!

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Sterward training refresher courses and new steward training will be coming in soon to the union hall. Refresher courses will begin in April and new steward training courses in May.

Paid time off, better job security, safer workplaces, a fair wage and a voice.  YOUR union has fought hard and diligently for all the benefits that we have, but the fight is not over.  Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize have been under corporate assault for three decades.  The Union can only be successful with YOUR support.  Attend the monthly meetings - stay informed, get to know your leadership, voice your concerns, get involved.  One Team, One Fight.  United we

The focus and direction of our local union is mostly determined by the decisions and actions of our committees.  If you would like to participate please reach out to one of your officers and let them know you want to get involved.

Available committees are listed below, some meet regularly and some on an as-needed basis.